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EchoH2O2 is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and 65% purified water. There are no heavy metals or chemicals to keep it shelf stable. EchoH2O2 is as pure as possible! (less than 5 ppm particulates). EchoH2O2 has many household uses including cleaning the kitchen, dishes and silverware, plants, the bathroom, the floors, and even laundry. EchoH2O2 kills bacteria and virus! It even detroys and kills black and white mold! Great for oral care! Whitens teeth with continued use. Just gargle with diluted H2O2 once or twice per day for 1 to 2 minutes (Make sure that product is diluted to a 3% solution).  Spray 3% solution in mouth two to four times and follow with a few sips of water; swish in mouth or gargle.

Do Not gargle with 35%! This product is powerful and must be diluted before taking in the mouth!

Put 1/2 to 3/4 ounce in your laundry in place of bleach. Add product where the bleach is normally added. Never mix EchoH2o2 with bleach! If you have an older washing machine then add H2o2 during the cold rinse cycle. Using H2o2 with hot water will cause the H2o2 to breakdown quickly into oxygen, therefore decreasing its' effectivness. The H2o2 will kill bed bugs and mites. It detroys micro-organisms, mold and many things so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Unlike bleach, EchoH2o2 is color safe in diluted form! It will even sanitize your washing machine. 

What can I do with Echo H2O2? 

* Indicates a diluted solution of 11 parts distilled or purified water (w/o chlorine) to 1 part 35% H2O2. This makes approximately 3% H2O2. 

  • Add a capful of product to large bowl or sink full of water & soak fruits & vegetables for 10 minutes in solution to clean & kill bacteria.  Rinse.
  • *Spray directly on berries & other fruits to help prevent mold.
  • Upon opening milk or cream add 1/2 tsp & shake thoroughly.  Will extend up to 1 month past expiration date. 
  • Put 1/4 ounce in a 5 gallon container, then fill it with your local spring water; it will kill the bacteria and charge the water with oxygen!
  • Put 10-15 drops in a one gallon container then fill with mountain spring water, well water or a natural source. 
  • When traveling to Mexico or other third world countries; fill a sports bottle with water and one ounce of Food grade H2O2. Pack in your suitcase and put a few squirts in any H2O that you plan to consume. This will kill bacteria and parasites that may cause one to get sick. You'll be at ease knowing that you've done all you can do to drink the best quality H2O available. Use in restaurants, spring water and even bottled water purchased in foreign countries.(When traveling abroad and countries that require air travel; please contact us at echoh2o2@gmail.com, for safe handling and packing instructions.)


  • Add 1/2 oz per load to dishwasher and washing machine on cold cycle only for bacteria-free dishes & laundry.  
  • *Spray on dishes, glasses & silverware for a perfect clean.
  • *Use in refrigerator to safely clean mold & mildew. 
  • *Use in microwave or oven to cut grease.
  • *Use in bathroom to clean sinks, toilets, tubs, & more, to kill bacteria. 
  • *Use on floors for a bacteria-free clean.
  • *Use to clean out pet cages, spray on areas affected by urine or excrimant. Apply until no smell remains.

Household Uses

  • Place 1 oz 35% H2O2 in 1 quart of water and mist indoor and outdoor plants & garden for thriving bacteria-free foliage.  
  • Use a 10% solution to kill weeds.
  • Thoroughly mix 1/2 oz per gallon of H2O in a cool mist or sonic vaporizer.  The extra atom of oxygen will be released & help to purify the air & increase oxygen intake.   

Personal Use

  • For invigorating bath Add 1/2 cup to warm or cool bath to kill micro-organisms on the skin.  DO NOT GET IN EYES OR MUCUS MEMBRANES!
  • *Great for oral care - use as a rinse to kill bacteria in the mouth.
  • *Soak toothbrush in solution to help prevent the spread of sickness among family members.
  • *For pet use - place 1 oz 3% solution in 1 quart H2O for their drinking water & bath.
  • *For flu; with a dropper bottle put 3 to 4 drops of 2% Food grade H2o2 in the ear; make sure it's two percent ( 2%) is a 1-15 dilution! Repeat as needed every 30 minutes.  Do Not put H2o2 in the eye's or severe burning of the retina may occur!  

Traveling Companion   

  • *Mix several drops (5-10 drops in a 16 oz glass) in drinking water to kill bacteria.
  • *Put on cuts, scrapes or wounds while traveling or camping to help prevent viral & bacterial infections. 

Pool, Spa, and Pond Use 

  • A great way to have a clean, sparkling pool, spa, or pond without the use of chlorine, acid, and harsh chemicals. 
  • Add 8 ounces to shock the chlorine out of your spa, (standard size 350 to 450 gallons) then 3 to 4 ounces per week.  If the spa is drained and fresh water added; then add 4 ounces initially, then 3 to 4 ounces per week with normal use. The water should smell clean. If foul odor is detected, then add 2 additional ounces untill the water's smell is clean.
  • For your pool, you will need 1/2 cup (4 ounces) per 500 gallons or 1/2 pint (8 ounces) per 1000 gallons of water to maintain a bacteria free environment. 
  • An average size pool of 20,000 gallons requires 152 ounces of 35% Food Grade H2o2 initially, then 76 ounces or 1/2 gallon + 1 pint per month maintience.
  • Ask about volume discounts and autoship- Save 10% per month if you order one  gallon per month or more, on autoship! Save up to 20% if you order a barrel(55 gallons), or more on a one time purchase! 

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