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All 35% H2O2 bottles are secured with child safety caps.                                                     

Oxygen Therapy 
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 Oxygen therapy includes up to a 1 hour telephone consultation with a certified H2o2 consultant with a minimum of 5 years training! Please phone us for a list of ailments that O2 therapy has been documented to make measurable impacts with considerable results!

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
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Bath Products 
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Oral Care/Mouth Wash
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Echomist Sore Throat Super Spray

4 Gallon (512 oz.) Special pool, spa, jaccuzi, or clean home & chlorine shock kit: H2O2 will shock (displace) chlorine out of water. Will treat upto 64,000 gallons or enough H2O2 to sparkle clean your home for a year. The kit consists of 1 case of 12 quarts (includes bonus refillable 1 bottle measure quart bottle).

Bottle measure dispenser has units of ounces on one side and mililitres on the other. Additional sizes are available. Please call for custom sizes and packaging.                                   (928) 699-4859           e-mail