Safe Handling


  • Please be conscious and coherent when handling and opening the bottle since the product is clear and looks like water. The product may drip and be on the outside of the bottle. Wipe down the bottle before and after use with a moist paper towel or cloth which you should then rinse thoroughly.  
  • Handle the product near running water and use gloves. 
  • If you have skin contact with the product, it may cause uncomfortable burning if you do not rinse within 5 - 20 seconds of contact. It's a good habit to rinse your skin after handling the product.
  • Pour the product slowly and carefully. If the product splashes, rinse the affected area with plenty of water.
  • Do not leave the product unattended around children or in an area that may cause the bottle to spill.
  • Do not allow the product to overheat. Store below 60 degrees centigrade ideally refridgerated.
  • If the product gets on the skin and is already burning, do not panic. Rinse with water for several minutes and then apply a moisturizer. The skin will return to its normal state within 20 - 40 minutes.